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Great review from a happy customer at Motor Car Tag and Title

Rockville Auto Group LL Staff wrote: “A+ Service and A+ Staff, from Evan ,Dave, PT, Silvia, and Pat they all have excellent customer service and they go beyond to help you out.”

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Title Duplication: How to handle special cases

Your car title provides you with proof that you are the legal owner of your vehicle. If you do not have a title to your car, you will not be able to sell your vehicle or trade it in at the dealership.

When can you renew your car title in Maryland?

Your title and registration are key documents for your ownership of a vehicle. If you do not possess a car title, you will not be able to legally sell or transfer ownership of your car to another part

Keeping the title as the surviving owner

When you inherit a vehicle from a relative, you may need to transfer the registration and ownership of the vehicle to another party. In the State of Maryland, there are several rules and regulations t


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